Snake Busters -
Healing Power oF Nature


India 2008
24 min
Director: KArin SlAter
Producer: Michael Raimondo
Steven Bartlo
Eddie Koch

Down a back alley in the bustling south Indian town of
Hospet, an old ancestral home houses the Snake
Protection Centre. From there operate a group of friends
led by Viru who are out and out devoted to reptile
conservation and awareness. These“snakebusters”
are on 24-hour call as they remove snakes and the odd
crocodile from people’s homes and gardens free of
charge in order to return them to the wild. The animated
and humorous group jump on their motorbikes with their
snake catching gear and charge off to handle some truly
impressive and sometimes extremely dangerous

Durga Shakti Films / Mafi sa Media /
African Rennaissance

From Nkoko…with Love

2005 South Africa
48min / 52min
Director: Karin Slater
Encounters Film Festival / FESPACO / NWFF

A wise and eloquent Tswana grandmother hates what
television has done to her culture. So she decides to
leave a message for the women of her tribe using the
very same medium.

At seventy years of age Grace Masuku’s main concern is
that the indigenous knowledge of her tribe is vanishing.
She so often asks the question: ‘If I die with all of this
knowledge inside me. How will I rest in my grave?’

Shot in the scenic Pilanesburg area of the North West province the film highlights the use of herbs and other indigenous secrets that make for a happy, healthy life. Depicted in contrast are the influences of television, fashion, modern music and dancing. Grace’s straightforward and humorous style of communicating, makes learning the old ways seem very relevant and up to date. Combined with artful camera work the film gives a delightful view of the Tswana culture as it currently exists in South Africa.

This film is Grace Masuku’s legacy not only to her granddaughters but also to all the indigenous women of the world.

*In MIPTV product library and screener also available
Durga Shakti Films / Darling lama
Productions / SABC

The Meaning of the Buffalo

2004 South Africa
Director: Karin Slater
Sundance Film Festival, Hot docs, Berlin,
MOMA, Africano Film Festival, Milan
London, Beeld voor Beeld
In the top 10 ‘must sees’ of 2004 Sundance Film Festival

In the remote village of Lekhopung, near the northern
border of South Africa, the Balete people cannot
remember exactly why they are so inextricably linked
to their ancestral totem animal, the buffalo. As a
wildlife filmmaker, Karin has a strong and almost fatal
buffalo past, as ten years earlier she had been involved in an accident while filming them. Now she has been mysteriously drawn to this dusty, droughtridden land to encounter the buffalo once again.

At first the villagers are reticent; stupefied but curious as to why a white woman is so insistent on knowing the “secret” legends, folklore, and praise poetry of their totem. Frustrated by a missing book, a sick chief, evasive youths and reluctant elders, Karin persists, and enlists the help of the local shopkeeper, the Buffalo Soldier. They launch a competition that inspires the community to uncover its own identity.

Gently humorous and wonderfully poignant, this elegantly shot film observes the Balete reclaim the rich heritage, beliefs and
stories of their forefathers. At the same time it reveals that Karin’s personal relationship with the buffalo is deeper than she suspected.

Durga Shakti Films / Mafisa Media / Big
World Cinema / SABC
Distributor: First Hand Films


The Healing Power of Nature

2008 South Africa / India /
Indonesia / Canada
39 x 24min
Encounters Film Festival / DIF
Now in its second successful season this series brings
together some of South Africa’s top nature
documentary filmmakers and gives them a broad brief
to tell stories about the positive effects of nature on
the human psyche.
The stories include a man who works the old San stone
fish traps with his dogs, a mentally challenged girl who
is brought by her family to swim with and experience
the therapeutic effect of wild dolphins, an elephant that
lives in a temple in India and blesses pilgrims, a woman
who is attacked by a rhino and ends up as a rhino

* ’Laxmi’s Blessings ‘ in MIPTV product library and
episode screeners also available
Durga Shakti Films / Mafisa Media /
African Rennaisance / SABC



2005 South Africa
30 min
Director: Karin Slater

Durban International Film Festival /
COP:DOX / Female Eye Film Festival

On a sultry night in the South African township of
Khayelitsha members of a female gang stab a young
woman in the face. The Community Peace Program,
designed to resolve conflict without going to court,
intervenes and in their unique way bring about
reconciliation between the antagonists. Rich in the
rhythm and volatility of the township the film reveals
a touching depth of healing between the characters.

*In MIPTV product library and screener
also available
Durga Shakti Films


Buddha in Zululand

2006 South Africa
Director: Karin Slater
Producer: Marie Lou Schoenmakers /
Babeth van Loo

Thirty-five years ago the largest statue of Buddha in
the southern hemisphere was built by Dutch architect
Louis van Loon at the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo.
This poetic and entertaining documentary takes a look
at the influence Buddhism has had on the neighbouring
Zulu community as told through an 11 year old Zulu girl
who grew up nearby. Buddha-like in the way she faces
hardship S’lungile Chiliza gives a unique perspective on
the presence of the Buddhists and how they have affected
her life.

Durga Shakti Films / BOS Dutch Buddist